We are a professional truck dispatch company that provides quality services for owner-operators and small trucking companies. We help find the best freight load possible with the highest prices and focus on keeping you loaded on a weekly basis and much more.

Our Truck Dispatch Services setup packet is simple. Once you’re ready to start working with us, we will forward you a link to a carrier application to get started. Once we have all the paperwork, you’ll be introduced to your personal dispatcher and start work immediately.

We are an experienced and reliable dispatch company who have great relationships with the carriers we work with. That’s why our onboarding is smooth and streamlined. Here is what you need to sign up:

LOGISTICS422 is a “Full Service” truck dispatching company that handles all of the back-office work so you can compete with the large fleets. Typically, a large carrier would hire somebody to handle all of these tasks, but it is unaffordable for a small carrier, that’s where LOGISTICS422 comes in to help! Our process is simple, your dedicated truck dispatcher will work with you by your rules. 

14 K+
Satisfied Clients
176 K+
KM Per Year
8 K+
Delivered Packages
12 K+
Tons of Goods

LOGISTICS422 can help you with:

Assigning loads and managing drivers
We’re very dedicated, so we carefully assign every load to a driver that is available and can do the delivery on time. If you are a bigger company, we’ll assure all our dispatchers with lists of your truck drivers.
Providing high paid loads
Especially when you’re new in the field, you need this kind of services. You don’t have a list of clients yet and you need a start for your business. So, a specialized freight dispatcher represents a real help. You can drive and he will handle the loads at the same time. This way you save a lot of time.
Maintaining motor carrier compliance
It is very important to do your job in safe conditions. We’ll carefully and regularly check the aspects that can represent a danger, such as: unsafe driving, crash indicators, vehicle maintenance and substances or alcohol.
Managing any kind of delays
Our dispatchers are prepared for unexpected delays caused by different conditions, such as traffic and weather. We manage all the problems calmly and find suitable solutions. Also, we make sure that all the suppliers are satisfied with the services.
Handling administrative matters
You don’t have to worry about paperwork or details about the billing. Our company can handle every detail in the process of delivering any load. Furthermore, you can be paid on the same day of the delivery.
Takes care of the suppliers
They need to be satisfied by the services, so they would reach to them and to your trucking company. To fulfill their needs, the dispatcher must assure that the delivery is picked-up and delivered in time and intact.